Antonello Piroso is a Professional Journalist since 1987. He has proven his expertise due to several experiences: Animator in Holiday Villages in the early 80's, attended "Institute of Journalism Training of Milan", His first freelance project back in 1985 - First Communication, The Republic, Capital and Panorama. In 1990, he was an editor in the Rome Office but ended in 1998.

About Antonello Piroso

As a freelancer, Piroso was involved in several activities. Started working as permanent writer for television programs RAI as the dream home and the brains, Sunday In and Quiz Show. In 1991, he made his debut as co-host with Robin's Eve.

In 1992, In the role of Pezza, he starred in Goal roaring of Pier Francesco Pingitore. He designed, built and led the special La7 Flavio Briatore, "Say you and I" novembristi video. Year 2002, was his arrival in LA7 leading Nothing personal, satirical book on information, within the container morning Omnibus, which is still copyright.

He is the conductor of the debate on the theme of the day in Omnibus and it is in that capacity that gets the highest approval with a style firm and balanced. In September 2005, he then became the deputy director of the TG LA7 which he became director in June 2006 going to Giulio Giustiniani. 2007, he was the Information News & sports LA7 director. For LA7 he designed the weekly Surname & Name and Reality in addition to daily Shipyard Democratic autumn of 2007, the primary Democratic party.

March 24, 2008, He spent three hours in the early evening to the memory of the victims of all mafias in a special episode of It's Nothing Personal. January 2007, he made similar initiative with the relatives of the victims of the massacres and terrorism in the so called years of lead, and in the 2009 season did the same with the families of the dead labor.